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Cycling Competition

We invite you to participate in the esteemed Highlanders Annual Cycling Competition scheduled for September 22nd. Hosted by Highlanders Market, this event promises an exhilarating experience for cycling enthusiasts and nature aficionados alike.

Traverse Scenic Trails: Embark on an inspiring cycling journey through nature’s pristine beauty—meandering trails leading through verdant forests, serene rivers, and awe-inspiring mountainous vistas. The Highlanders trails have been carefully crafted to challenge your cycling prowess while allowing for a soul-nurturing communion with the natural world.

Challenge and Triumph

This competition is designed to accommodate participants of varying expertise levels. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist looking to push your boundaries or a newcomer seeking an invigorating cycling event, the Highlanders Annual Cycling Competition guarantees a day of intense competition, personal achievements, and shared camaraderie among fellow cycling enthusiasts.

Exciting Incentives Await You!

Grand Prize for the Winner: Seize the opportunity to claim the prestigious first-place prize, an acknowledgment of your outstanding cycling abilities and unwavering determination. This achievement stands as a testament to your dedication and skill in the realm of cycling.

Bicycle Bonanza: Considering an upgrade in your cycling gear? On the day of the event, make a purchase from Highlanders Market and avail exclusive discounts and special offers extended exclusively to event participants. It is a fitting moment to invest in your passion for cycling.

Post-Ride Celebration: Following the exhilarating ride, come together with fellow participants at our lively post-ride celebration. Indulge in delectable fare and refreshing beverages, exchange stories of your cycling journey, and forge new connections with fellow riders. This post-event gathering serves as an occasion to relax and commemorate your triumphs.

Register Today and Conquer the Trails!

We encourage you to seize this opportunity for an enthralling cycling event. Secure your participation promptly and become a part of an unforgettable cycling experience at the Highlanders Annual Cycling Competition. Register at www.highlanderscycling.com and let the adventure unfold on September 22nd.