Upcoming Events

Summit Explorers

We extend a formal invitation to the cycling community for the esteemed “Summit Explorers” event, scheduled for September 23rd and proudly hosted by Highlanders Market. This event is a convergence of avid cyclists at a summit, where they unite to explore the enchanting paths of the northern trail on the west coast.

The “Summit Explorers” event promises a captivating and invigorating journey, revealing the picturesque beauty of the northern trail. Cyclists will traverse winding paths that meander through the breathtaking landscapes of the west coast, offering an immersive experience and a profound connection with nature’s tranquility.

Trek and Explore the Undiscovered!

Cycling Trek Competition

Participants will be greeted by the allure of adventure and the prospect of discovery. The event offers an opportunity to engage with nature’s wonders while navigating through challenging terrains. The camaraderie among like-minded individuals fosters an atmosphere of shared experiences and mutual appreciation for the art of cycling.

Engaging in “Summit Explorers” not only promotes physical fitness but also nourishes mental well-being. The event encourages participants to challenge themselves, surpass their limits, and revel in the accomplishment of conquering the trail. Moreover, it provides a platform for cyclists to be acknowledged and celebrated for their achievements.

Cycling expedition like no other!

Following the cycling expedition, a convivial post-event celebration awaits all participants. This gathering allows cyclists to unwind, share stories of their venture, and relish well-deserved refreshments. It marks an opportunity to connect with fellow cyclists, appreciate the collective triumph, and plan future cycling endeavors.

We encourage cycling enthusiasts to seize this opportunity and register for “Summit Explorers” at www.highlandersmarket.com. Be prepared to embark on a remarkable cycling exploration of the northern trail on the west coast. Let the adventure unfold on September 23rd , promising an unforgettable journey through picturesque landscapes and cycling camaraderie.